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Introducing Genosys

Genosys is a MacOS music composition tool for the Genos, Yamaha’s flagship workstation keyboard. Use Genosys to compose full song arrangements that are played back on the Genos keyboard.

Style Control

Create chord progressions. Record melodies. Trigger fills and breaks. Insert intros and endings. Turn voice and style channels on and off to build up a song over time.

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Specify the precise bar:beat:division timings of each song event using intuitive editing panes. Insert and edit events via the Event List (for granular micro-level editing) and Timeline (for intuitive visual editing).


To help you manage the many song events in a composition, Genosys supports unlimited event sequences which can be embedded inside the main song sequence. Up to twelve separate layers of sequences can play back simultaneously.

The Timeline provides an intuitive visual overview of the sequences, style commands, and chord progressions in a song which scroll into view as your composition plays back.

Event Editing

Genosys incorporates a number of advanced event editing features. Freely cut, copy, move, and duplicate events between sequences and songs. Copy and move events to new time positions. Mute selected events. Quantize timings. Transpose notes. Randomize velocities. Filter the Event List to only display, edit, and play back events which match specific criteria.

Insert markers into sequences to quickly navigate between song sections, tweaking the timings and properties of notes, chord progressions, and style commands.

Composing & Recording

Genosys includes two virtual consoles – a two-octave keyboard plus a style command console – for song composition and Genos remote control. Plus you can record live Genos keyboard performances - complete with modulation wheel, pitch bend, and sustain pedal controller changes - directly into Genosys.

In addition to style-based arrangements, turn off the Genos style engine and compose multi-track songs which take advantage of up to twelve distinct Genos voices. Once you’re happy with a composition, record a Genosys song using the built-in MIDI and audio recording functions on the Genos keyboard.

Genosys ships with a 30+ page manual and a demo song. Download the full featured demo and begin songwriting with Genosys and Genos today…